Ube Jam

Ube Jam

Cream and Crunch
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This is our take on the classic artisan Ube Jam or also known as Ube Halaya. This is the baseline of all the vibrant purple UBE goodies you see trending in Social Media - Youtube or Instagram. This is the main ingredient used to make those cookies, pastries and desserts flavorful. And we want to take you to the "roots" of Ube so this is the real deal!

Our version does not have any preservatives, only natural ingredients used! So you will really taste the actual Ube flavor. Often mistaken as Taro, Ube is actually more flavorful than that!

Style of Eating: Spread it on breads just like peanut butter or nutella, or as it is!

Made to order, fresh with no added preservatives. We only use natural ingredients.

It comes in a 16 oz. container and is available for shipping. 

This can be a great gift, giveaways, 'pasalubong' for your Ube Lover love ones!

FOR MORE THAN 10: Please give us 1 week processing time for your order.

Thanks and happy UBE shopping!